Where did the new power plants come from?

According to plans, new power plants were to enter the circuit for the needs of the country’s electric power, which is expected to happen by the end of June.

Mohsen Tarzaldalb said about 3000 megawatts of new power plant up to the peak, saying it was supposed to enter the circuit of 3000 megawatts from last year until peak of this year, which entered the circuit by the end of the year 2000 MW. According to him, we hope to open the Caspian Power Plant with a capacity of 317 MW west of Mazandaran for up to three weeks, and the Parand Power Plant’s steam unit will also finish its synchronous operation at the same time. The CEO of the mother company specialized in the production of thermal power plant also announced the opening of a 40-megawatt unit in Zahedan, adding that, according to forecasts, these units will enter the circuit three weeks later. In addition, the steam room of Kashan Power Plant will be exploited for a capacity of 160 MW during this period. According to him, due to the situation of hydroelectric power plants and an increase of 3,000 MW of consumption, it is predicted that thermal power plants will not be able to supply the country’s electricity. “Our focus is on consumer management, and we are asking people to take the lead in consuming consumption at peak time and peak,” said the CEO of the Thermal Power Generation Thermal Company, referring to the plans and solutions proposed for this issue.

Source: ISNA News Agency

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