Iran from the West’s glance

An abstract of the BMI Institute's analysis of Iran

Institute  Business Monitor International L.T.D Which is abbreviated BMI , Is one of the world’s leading institutions in analyzing the credit and political risks that followed the institutions Fitch،Moody’s and S&P Fourth rank in this field.

Reputable credit rating agencies in the world

  • (Fitch Ratings (U.S

  • ( Moody's (U.S

  • (Standard & Poor's (U.S

  • Business Monitor International

  • (CTRISKS (Greater China

اThe Institute, with its main office in the UK, provides reports with a fairly balanced range for all countries, including Iran. A series of reports from the Institute, which is presented in a seasonal fashion, is published under the title (Business Space Forecasting). These reports provide scenarios based on political and regional events, and in general, political space And economics of countries and the impact of macro components on the general public business.
Many general views among all Western companies provide political and economic analysis reports on Iran, such as :
  • Oxford Analytic

  • RAND Corporation

  • Maplecroft

  • Doing Business

  • PRS Group

  • Washington Institute for Near East Policy

  • Country Watch

  • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

  • Economist Intelligence Unit

  • Council on Foreign Relations

  • International Strategic Analysis (ISA)

  • Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Here are the most important titles of reports Iran Business forecastIt includes analyzes and forecasts of this institute in the fields of Iran’s economy, politics and industry.

One-year summing up

Provincial reporting agencies about Iran