Other investment companies

Ownership percentage: 0.015
Tejarat Bank

In 1887 a British bank named The East Modern Bank (Bank Jadid Sharq) established branches in some cities of Iran such as Tehran, Tabriz, Rasht, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Bushehr. In 1888, on the basis of a 60 year concession awarded to “Baron Paul Julius Reuter” the establisher of Reuters News Agency by Naser od-Din Shah (Qajar shah of Iran: 1848-96), the facilities of The East Modern Bank was assigned to Bank Shahanshahi. By virtue of this concession.

Ownership percentage: 0.91

In 1342, it was established as a private limited company with the aim of producing all kinds of aluminum profiles, and by purchasing a land with an area of 70 thousand square meters, 2 kilometers from Qazvin-Tehran road, it built a factory, and by purchasing two extrusion presses, it was installed and started up. In 1347, it started producing all kinds of construction aluminum profiles.

Ownership percentage:0.372
Mapna Group TUGA

Located in Fardis (Karaj), as one of the main subsidiaries of MAPNA Group, the company was established in 1999 to seize the outstanding opportunity of domestic power generation demand by manufacturing and supplying turbines and auxiliary equipment. Since the start of manufacturing operations in early 2002, TUGA has continuously invested in capacity development to respond to ever-increasing national and regional demands. After more than a decade of successful production and delivery of over 300 power Gas and Steam Turbines (ca. 32000 MW nominal output), it is now an international player in the turbine industry.

Ownership percentage: 0.0273
Iran Trans Co

Iran Trans Co. was established in 1967 under license of SIEMENS_GERMANY as a manufacture of oil-immersed distribution, Power and large power transformers with the primary objective of designing, evaluating and manufacturing of a type of transformers according to the international standards of IEC 60076 VDE 0532.

Ownership percentage: 47.1
The company was registered With the name of Mahsab Peyman Engineering Company from 1999 to 2002. Which was registered in Tehran in 2003 under the name of Mahsab Nirooo in Tehran. And now, in addition to Tehran, in some cities, including in Tabriz, has opened a regional office.
Ownership percentage: 2.37
Tehran Electricity Audit Company
Ownership percentage: 1
NIRO Consulting Engineers Co.

Niro Consulting Engineers is one of the most important consulting engineering companies in Iran that has the various expertise needed to provide engineering design and consulting services.

Niro Consulting Engineers Company was established in 1370 from the body of Tovanir Tafekik Company and by a group of employees specializing in engineering management and technical investigations of Tovanir Company.

Ownership percentage: 34

SABA Electricity and Water Industries Investment Company

SABA Investment Corp. was established with the aims of investing and participating in the power industry including: construction and operation of power plants; renewable energy production; transmission and power installation; distribution facilities and also in the areas of water industry including: dam construction; supply and production of drinking water; etc.