MAPNA Group’s Offshore Rig Starts Operation in South Pars

MAPNA Group’s offshore rig arrived at its designated operation site in the Persian Gulf to start drilling operations.

The oil rig, which was dispatched towards Phase 11 of South Pars gas field on October 31st, was previously operating in Soroush oil field.

Twelve wells will be drilled by the rig during its term of operation.

The operation will be carried out at two phases, starting with drilling one vertical well and four directional wells at the SPD-11B platform in Kangan reservoir.

Seven other directional wells will be drilled after installation of the topside.

All operations will be carried out by MAPNA Group Oil & Gas Division.

The operation follows MAPNA Group’s winning of a three-year tender to lease oil rigs for drilling wells in Phase 11 of South Pars gas field.

Phase 11 is the final zone to be developed in the shared South Pars gas field (known as North Dome in Qatar).

Its development kicked off in spring of 2020 with deployment of B11 rig wellhead jacket.

Completion of two phases will increase daily production of sour gas to 500 thousand and one million cubic meters respectively.

Petro Pars Company is the client of the project. Pars Oil and Gas Company supervises the operation.

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