Two solutions for managing power consumption this year

Hamid Reza Salehi, a member of the Tehran Chamber of Deputies and a member of the board of directors of Iran Electricity Syndicate, wrote in a note:

Iran’s energy and energy consumption is outside world standards. Power consumption in Iran is typically more than twice the consumption of other countries and is rooted in the cost of energy. The more power generation in Iran increases, the more consumption. The most important consequence of this is the concern about the lack of electricity at times that have not been sufficiently achieved for various reasons. In the current year, due to the low rainfall in the winter, water power plants will have a nearly 30% reduction in power generation, and if electricity consumption continues with the trend that started in April, we should worry about blackouts in This summer was this year. On the other hand, if the climate, the coolness of the air we see in the heavens of the moon, continues in June, the situation is a bit more promising.
The important point is that Iranian electricity consumption has never dropped in Iran. The power generation capacity in Iran is 77,000 megawatts, and peak consumption amounts to 85,000 megawatts in the summer. The usual electricity consumption in our country is 37,000 megawatts, and it may seem that the ratio of production to consumption is not even worrying even in peak periods, but it should be taken into account that all production capacity is not always brought to the electrical circuit and Many power plants are struggling with problems like fuel shortages, and there is no potential for full power generation for power plants.
There are two ways to reduce concerns about peak power consumption in the summer. The first solution is to strengthen the communication network with the northern countries like Russia and Azerbaijan and receive cheap electricity from them in the summer. The peak power consumption is in these countries in the winter and in Iran in the summer. Iran can export electricity to their countries’ peak power consumption and import electricity in the summer. In addition to removing and reducing worries, this is a way to create value for our country’s electricity production. This solution is on the agenda of officials from the Ministry of Energy and this capacity is to be used.
The second solution is to reform the energy economy and increase electricity prices. Experiences from other countries have proven that with rising electricity prices, the cost of supplying electricity in the household basket is not rising, but this is less consumption. The government can use the experience of other countries in this area and raise the price of electricity. This solution is due to the government’s particular policies in the area of ​​energy distribution, and even in the peak consumption period, controlled blackouts are applied to the industrial sector, while industrial power in other countries is due to cheaper value added More available to the industry. Electricity in Iran is cheaper than industrial electricity, and along with other energy carriers such as gasoline and gasoline, whose price in Iran is a quarter of the Persian Gulf hub, is at a much lower price than other countries. Take up If the price of electricity is 20% real, the consumption of people will be the same.

Source: Syndicate of Iran Power Industry

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