The Ministry of Energy’s requirement for the export of electricity to private plants

Arash Kordi, the managing director of Tavanir, said that the export of electricity from private power plants would be acceptable in the context of electricity exports if privately owned plants accept that their fuel prices are non-subsidized.

He added that if private power plants pay for the electricity grid, we will not prevent them from exporting electricity.
“However, subsidies for power plants and electricity generation should be spent on domestic electricity. However, when electricity is to be issued, this subsidy should not be spent on electricity consumed abroad,” Kurdish continued.
The CEO of Tavanir added: “Electricity is currently being shipped to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan.”
Earlier, electricity companies said that despite the Ministry of Energy’s announcement, the ministry prevented the export of electricity by private power plants.
Kurdish also announced the import of electricity from Azerbaijan and said: “Azerbaijan will supply 150 to 160 megawatts of electricity in summer.”
A fraction of 5 to 6,000 megawatts will make it difficult for electricity this year, which is why the Ministry of Energy will conduct diverse programs, such as demand and consumption management. One of the electricity supply plans is electricity consumption at the peak of consumption.

Source: Fars News Agency

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