The latest state of renewable energy production

Since July 2009, about 2.7 billion kilowatt hours of electricity have been generated from new energy sources, which saved 456 million liters of water consumption in the country.

This amount of electricity from renewable energy sources from July 2009 to early May 1997 has been able to reduce emissions of about 1 million 430 thousand tons of greenhouse gas.

Also, the amount of new energy production has reduced 588 million cubic meters of fossil fuel consumption in the country, which is one of the main sources of air pollution in the country.

It is worth mentioning that this volume of new energy production has saved 456 million liters of water consumption in recent years.

The largest installed capacity of new Iranian energy is related to wind power plants

According to the report, 550 megawatts of renewable energy are being built in the country and the installed capacity of new energy has reached 575 megawatts. Renewable energy has also led to the employment of 47,321 people directly and indirectly in the country.

The study of the figures in this section indicates that at present 45% of the country’s renewable power plants are wind-powered, 35% solar, 16% small hydro hydroelectric, 2% heat recovery and 2% Biomass.

Source: Ministry of Energy News Agency (PAVEN)

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