MAPNA to Develop EV Roadmap for Iran’s Largest Automaker

MAPNA to Develop EV Roadmap for Iran’s Largest Automaker

MAPNA Group will collaborate in development of a roadmap for manufacturing electric vehicles by Iran Khodro (IKCO), Iran’s largest automobile manufacturing company.

The news was announced by Farshad Moghimi, CEO of Iran Khodro, during his visit to MECO, MAPNA Group’s subsidiary specializing in manufacturing and engineering electric and control systems.

Touring MECO EV infrastructure development shops which included fast and slow charging stations, wall charging stations, and in-wheel motors, Moghimi expressed interest in establishing solid working relations with MAPNA Group.

“The government has passed supportive policies for development of EV platforms,” he said. “We are ready for serious engagement in this business in collaboration with MAPNA Group and other companies.”

Pointing to MAPNA Group’s investment in the electric vehicle industry, Moghimi expressed hope that this collaboration would speed up manufacturing of electric vehicles inside Iran.

Speaking during the visit was also MAPNA Group President Abbas Aliabadi who stressed the need for meticulous development of EV infrastructures, and consideration of both hardware and software in the EV industry.

Aliabadi pointed to MAPNA Group’s dedication to indigenization of the EV technology, expressing hope that the gap with advanced international companies would filled in the short run.

“MAPNA is determined to venture into the EV business,” he added.

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