Operation of the first F-class power plant at the end of this year

The power plant’s implementation process is scheduled to be used by the first unit of this power plant at the end of this year to orbit the production of the Bersedu from the peak of 98. We can use the first unit of this power plant.

Implementing the rehabilitation plan for power plants producing thermal power plant in relation to the latest status of the national project for the operation of the first unit of the F-Class power plant said the second unit will be operational in parallel with the first quarter of 1998.
Alireza Nasrallahi added: Bandar Abbas combined cycle power plant is the first power plant of the total of 8 power plants to be put into operation in the form of a contract of 5,000 megawatts between the Masters of Electric Power Generation Corporation and MAPNA Co. as high-efficiency power plants and equipping class F turbines. Reach
Nasrallah called the existence of the infrastructure in Bandar Abbas, especially in the west of Bandar Abbas, which is both the industrial pole of the region and the old Bandar Abbas power plant in the area, for the reasons for the first construction of the first 900 MW power station site in Bandar Abbas, Kandahar: Its executive operation began formally in late 1995 and was followed seriously in the year 96.
The sponsor of the thermal power plant’s rehabilitation project said: The investment for the F-Bandar Abbas power plant in the first phase was 300 million euros for the gas sector and totaled 450 million euro at the end of the combined cycle phase.
Nasrallahi said that in terms of recruiting specialist forces for the F-class plant, taking into account the measures taken by the Bandar Abbas power company, conducting entrance examinations, added: the employment rate in the construction phase of 400 people directly and in the operation section of 80 people in the F-class plant Are working.
It is said that the high efficiency or class F power plants are at the level of greenhouse gas standards with a minimal level of environmental pollutants, especially in terms of wastewater and pollutant emissions. We have a wastewater term and a wastewater fact. The term wastewater is in all waters. Which refers to the sea, but the fact is that there is no chemical process on the water in a Class F plant.
Nasrallahi added that this is due to the fact that we only remove and heat the water and evacuate the wastewater according to the environmental standards.
Referring to the fact that Iran’s environmental standards are among the highest environmental standards in the world, and the Kola F plant has met these standards, the Organization of Environmental Protection of Hormozgan province has put the project complex to the new reservoir and Use the existing reservoir so the water harvesting is controlled and managed, and therefore wastewater should also be managed and controlled.
The plant is the first power plant with the most advanced technology in the world, with the cooperation of MAPNA and technology transfer by Siemens Germany in the country and on the western side of the Bandar Abbas power plant.

Source:Barg News  Agency

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