MAPNA, Saipa to Produce Iran’s First Electric Vehicle

MAPNA Group and automaker Saipa have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop and produce electric vehicle.

The MoU was signed by MAPNA President Abbas Aliabadi and Saipa Managing Director Javad Soleimani on February, 2020.

According to the memorandum of understanding, MAPNA Group and automobile manufacturer Saipa will collaborate on design, prototyping, development, procurement, commercialization, and production of EVs.

MAPNA President Abbas Aliabadi praised Saipa Group’s vision and progress in design and development of new automobiles on the sidelines of the meeting and during his visit to Saipa Group’s Research & Innovation Center.

“MAPNA has long been planning for development of EV infrastructure, and aims to produce Iran’s first EV in collaboration with Saipa,” he said.

“We will produce vehicles which will serve the best interest of our citizens, the country, and stakeholders of the two companies.”

Aliabadi reminded of the merits of promoting electric vehicles, including lower emissions and lower fossil fuel consumption.

MAPNA President called the MoU “the first step in production of electric vehicles in Iran”, expressing hope that the synergy would put to use the best of the two companies’ expertise and capabilities.

“A joint team of experts from the two companies will produce a quality product built to international standards,” he added.

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