MAPNA Inaugurates Three Power Plants across Iran

MAPNA Group inaugurated three power plants in central and southern Iran.

The power plants in Bandar Abbas, Asaluyeh, and Parand were inaugurated simultaneously via video conference in a ceremony attended by Power Minister Reza Ardakanian and MAPNA President Abbas Aliabadi.

First steam unit of Asaluyeh Combined Cycle Power Plant in Asaluyeh region and first gas-fired unit of Hengam F-class combined cycle power plant in Bandar Abbas, both on the coast of the Persian Gulf, and the steam unit of Parand power plant in southern Tehran were inaugurated during a ceremony held in headquarters of the Ministry of Power.

“These projects not only increase Iran’s power generation capacity which is a prerequisite to development, but also help lower fuel consumption and boost environmental conservation,” said MAPNA President Abbas Aliabadi in his speech. The steam cycles of Asaluyeh and Parand power plants help generation of an additional 500 MWs with no additional fuel consumption.

Aliabadi also announced that MAPNA Group will unveil a domestically designed and manufactured turbine in near future. The new turbine boasts a capacity of 220 MWs and an efficiency rate higher than the existing F-class turbines. “The new turbine is able to run on hydrogen fuel mix,” he added.

MAPNA President also reminded that the 800-million USD budget for the three projects was financed only by the company and through the bond market, receiving no aids from either the government or the National Development Fund. Aliabadi called the financing model a successful local experience that should be taken into consideration as a viable approach for execution of national megaprojects.

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