MAPNA Group Carries Out Trial Operation of Farashband Compressor Station IV

MAPNA Group technicians successfully carried out the 72-hour trial operation of Unit IV of Farashband Compressor Station.

The trial was carried out by technicians of MAPNA subsidiaries Neyr Perse, MAPNA Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company (TUGA) and MAPNA Electric & Control Engineering & Manufacturing Company (MECO). This is the 45th turbo compressor unit delivered by MAPNA Group to the Ministry of Petroleum as part of its assignment to manufacture 100 turbo compressors for national gas trunk lines. Farashband Compressor Station is part of MAPNA Group’s larger project which entails procurement of 100 units of turbo compressors for national gas pipelines. The scope of the project, commissioned to MAPNA Group in 2009, includes design, procurement, manufacture, handover, and supervision over installation and commissioning. National Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company is the project’s client. Energy Industries Engineering & Design (EIED) serves as consultant, and MAPNA Group subsidiary Neyr Perse is the executor of the project. Forty-five units of turbo compressor have now been commissioned to the client after successful execution of cold cranking test and the 72-hour trial operation. MAPNA Group News

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