Iran’s power generation capacity rises 1000 MW since March

Iran has increased its electricity generation capacity by 1000 megawatts (MW) since the beginning of current Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2018).

Of the mentioned capacity, 92MW has been supplied by renewable power plants, 144 MW from dispersed generation units, 320MW was accounted for by combined cycle power plants, 383 megawatts came from gas power plants and finally 70 megawatts from hydroelectric units.

As reported, the energy ministry also plans to add another 2,465 MW capacity of new power plants to the country’s power network by June 2019.

According to Iran’s energy ministry, the country’s current power generation capacity stands at near 80,000 MW.

Currently, of the total nominal capacity of the country’s power plants, the share of hydroelectric power plants is 19.87 percent while gas power plants generate 31.41 percent of the country’s total electricity, the share of combined cycle power plants is 29.48 percent, and finally the renewable power plants account only for 0.79 percent of Iran’s total power generation capacity.

IRIB News Agency / Tehran Times


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