Iran Self-Sufficient in Solar Power Plants

An Iranian deputy minister of energy said the country has achieved self-sufficiency in the construction of solar power plants.

In comments at the inauguration ceremony of a new power plant in south of Tehran, Mohammad Sadeqzadeh said Iran has become self-sufficient in building solar power plants.

Factories manufacturing solar panels and the other solar energy accessories have already opened in Iran, he added.

The deputy minister also noted that the solar plant that came into operation in Hassan Abad region in southern Tehran has a capacity to generate 12.7 megawatts of electricity.

It will save 13 million cubic meters of gas and 9,000 cubic meters of water per annum, Sadeqzadeh said, adding that the plant will also prevent the emission of 29,000 tons of environmental pollutants.

The deputy minister also unveiled plans for the construction of 100,000 new power plants with capacities on a kilowatts scale in the coming years.

Tasnim News Agency

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