Iran exports electricity from Armenia to Georgia

Managing director of the National Iranian Gas Company said that about 10 percent of the heated electricity supply to Armenia was considered for sale in Georgia, which will be signed soon.

Hamid Reza Araghi called for the sale of electricity from Armenia to Georgia, saying that Armenia will produce electricity for Iran’s gas exports and deliver it to the National Gas Company, which is likely to sell part of this electricity to Georgia.

He discussed the talks between Iran and Georgia to sell electricity to the country, saying that negotiations between the two countries have been conducted by Iran for the sale of Armenian electricity to Georgia, which will be signed soon.

Deputy Minister of Petroleum on Gas Affairs, said: “We consider about 10 percent of the total volume of electricity supplied to Armenia from Georgia to be sold to Georgia.

According to the agreement signed between Iran and Armenia, more than one million cubic meters of gas is being exported to Armenia daily, and this country will deliver electricity to Iran. All of Armenia’s electricity is supplied to the National Gas Company and then delivered to Tavanir.

Source: ISNA News Agency

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