Iran and Belgium are collaborating on gas turbine production

Continuing Strategies for Building F and H Gas Turbines and Higher Capacities at a Ceremony Discussed with the Presence of Senior Managers, Employers, Investors, Consultants and Contractors of the two Iranian Mapna Boiler Companies based in Savojbolag and CMI, Belgium.

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of MAPNA Boiler & Equipment Company said that the ceremony was followed by the conclusion of a contract for the transfer of technology and the license for new boiler products, and the officials and senior managers of the organizations active in the organization, executive and investor in various energy fields Power plants, oil and gas, petrochemicals and mineral industries are present and discuss. Abdul Majid Rajabi said: “This agreement enables MAPNA Boiler to utilize its precious technical know-how and the latest technologies received from the CMI company to provide the most modern heat recovery boilers for a wide range of production capacities and functional models. Domestically designed and manufactured, including thermal recyclable boilers downstream of F, H and higher gas turbines. Rajabi said: “These boilers will be able to meet all the requirements of steam generating plants in accordance with world standards.” He added: “This conference is an opportunity for exchange of views between senior executives of active organizations (employer, investor, consultant and contractor) With senior executives (CMI, the world’s first market leader in the recycling boilers market), in the energy sector, a range of topics including the latest F & E recovery boilers technology was introduced. According to the provisions of the contract, the Belgian CMI, the technical knowledge and the license of the boiler for thermal recovery of downstream gas and gas class F and H, and higher capacities for 10 years, will be provided to the MAPNA Boiler Engineering and Manufacturing Company. The agreement will be renewed for a further five years if the parties agree. CMI, Belgium’s CMI executive director, said CMI, which has just celebrated its 200th anniversary, is ranked second in the market for power plant boilers worldwide, and has now over 700 recycled boilers around the world linked to all major turbine manufacturers, including GE, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Ansaldo and more. Jean Michel Gerrard added: “Iran has a very high capacity to build hybrid cycles with a yield of about 58 percent, which will be achieved using F classes.” The best agreement is the transfer of technology in design and implementation, This technology has come to light. He said that in a joint project with the company, one of the companies at the power plant in France in 2017, has been able to record the highest record of the combined cycle power plants in the world.

Source: Islamic Consultative Assembly / IRNA News Agency

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