Exports of $ 120 Million Electricity to Iraq and Afghanistan

The CEO of Iran Transfo has announced an increase of 30 percent in exports of equipment to the power industry last year, saying that during this time, more than $ 120 million in various types of power transmissions

The countries of Iraq and Afghanistan were issued.

Arsalan Fathipour added: “According to the plan, this year’s exports will increase to more than $ 150 million.”
Managing director of Iran Transfo said that Syria, Armenia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan are also countries that will soon be exporting these types of transformers to the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The former head of the Economic Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly added: Last year, only 23 thousand trans-sets of 23 thousand megawatts of power were produced in Iran’s Industrial Transform Group, and according to the plans, this year, this figure will be 33 thousand units equal to 33 thousand megawatts Ampere rises.
He continued his country’s full self-sufficiency in the production of transformers and said: “The country’s annual demand is 24,000 megawatts per ton of transformers and with the realization of self-sufficiency in this field, the annual withdrawal of 20 trillion riyals of foreign currency was prevented from the country.
The industrial activist emphasized that the price of Iranian trans-shipment compared to other competitors in the lower market and their quality is more appropriate; this has been achieved through access to raw materials, cost reductions and productivity improvements.
“Sanctions have made ourselves self-sufficient, with technical knowledge,” he said.
Fatihpour said that Iran has 50 years of experience in the production of transformers in the electric power industry, saying that Iran is in the production of transformers among the top 10 countries in the world, and at the same time, while supplying the domestic market, many of our products are exported to different countries.
He emphasized that the production of the most advanced transformers inside Iran has been localized, said: At present, 600 and 350 MW transformers, and dry transports and transmissions used in wind farms that are considered the latest product of this industry inside the country. The technical knowledge of the production of these advanced products is completely localized.
Fathipour added that after-sale and export of technical and engineering services is one of Iran’s other advantages in the electricity industry and added: “We are in consultation with some countries in the region to initiate joint production of electricity transmission transmissions in these countries by transferring technical know-how. do.
The member of the trade union syndicate, saying that all the transmissions produced in the country can compete with European transmissions, said: In addition to exporting goods, the export of technical knowledge is one of the priorities of the electric power industry. For this reason, various activities have also been carried out in this regard. Is.
Fathi Pour pointed to the government’s emphasis on non-oil exports: in the implementation of the resistance policy, efforts were made to transform the localization process into the trans-industry, and on that basis all the pieces we imported from the European countries in the past were now to some countries Europe, including Italy and Turkey.

Source: Mehr News Agency

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