Connecting the First Gas Station of Karoon Power Plant / MAPNA Planning to Improve Power Plant Performance

The head of the plan for the construction of the West Karoon power plant and the company’s subsidiary facility, said the first and second gas units were upgraded by 84 percent, saying, “The first gas plant of this plant will be orbited this year.

Mehdi Najjarian said the second gas unit and steam power unit will be operational next year. He pointed to the 85% share of domestic equipment in the project, adding that with regard to the emphasis of the National Iranian Oil Company on increasing the efficiency and the need for some changes in the design of the turbine, the company MAPNA (Contractor) with the participation of an Italian company It has been working on a steam turbine that will pass through the final stages of the test.

According to the contract, the efficiency of the plant is 48%, but with the oil minister emphasizing on the increase in the efficiency of the plant, MAPNA plans to increase its efficiency by 52%, according to Najarian.

He noted that more than 50 percent of the active forces plan for the construction of the West Karoon power plant and the lateral facilities of the local forces, said: after the operation of the power plant, in the event of excess electricity, the transmission of electricity to the national network and It is also possible to compensate part of the electricity shortage in Khuzestan.

The plan for the construction of the West Karoon Power Plant and its subsidiary facilities is located 50 kilometers southwest of Ahwaz and adjacent to the LNG 3200 gas and liquefied gas plant. West Karoon Power Plant is a 500 MW combined power plant that is being built by MAPNA and is intended to provide power to the West Karoon oil fields including Azadegan, Yaran, Yadavaran, the Gas and Gas Plant 3200 and the West Karoon Talmbehlan, The National Iranian Oil Company is on the agenda.

Source: Oil and Energy Information Network – Shana

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