5,223 MW thermal power to join Iran’s grid by next summer

Ministry of Energy is planning to increase the country’s thermal power capacity up to 5,223MW by summer 2019 to make up for the shortage of about 8,000MW reliable power next year.

There is going to be about 8,000MW shortage of reliable power during peak times in 2019, according to the latest assessments. The Ministry of Energy is planning to compensate for the shortage by bringing 27 new thermal power units on stream and upgrading 23 others.

The new units include the steam-gas power units installed at the plants of Maku, Caspian, Parand, Hormoz, Zahedan, Kashan, Qeshm, Asalouyeh, etc., which will come on stream by June 2019.

Some of these power units, such as Parand and Caspian, have joined the grid this summer.

In addition to these 27 new units, which are expected to come on stream by the next year’s peak consumption time, 19 power units at combined-cycle power plants are scheduled to get upgrades. The implementation of the plan will add 281MW more capacity to the country’s thermal plants.

Another project on agenda includes removing the production limit at four power units, which would add 220MW more capacity to the country’s thermal power grid.

Mehr News Agency

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